At Unity Garage Door, your go-to Coral Springs garage door company, we excel in providing bespoke solutions for complex garage door systems.
Our recent venture into converting a Wayne Dalton garage door in Coral Springs from torque master springs to standard torsion springs underscores our capability and dedication to resolving even the most challenging issues.

The Challenge: Wayne Dalton Torque Master Springs

Identifying the Issue with Wayne Dalton Systems

The project began when a homeowner struggled with broken garage door springs specific to the Wayne Dalton system.
This scenario is not uncommon, as Wayne Dalton torque master springs, while innovative, pose unique challenges for repair due to their proprietary design.
The homeowner's quest for a garage door spring replacement in Coral Springs led them to numerous dead ends, with several companies unable to offer a viable solution and some even suggesting a full door replacement.

Unity Garage Door's Expert Solution

Converting to Standard Torsion Springs

Recognizing the homeowner's predicament, Unity Garage Door proposed a garage door conversion in the Coral Springs home, transitioning from the specialized torque master system to a more universal and reliable standard torsion springs setup.
This conversion not only promised to rectify the current issue but also to enhance the system's overall longevity and reliability.

The Conversion Process

A detailed and careful process was essential for the conversion, emphasizing safety and precision:

  • Release and Dismantle: The first step involved safely releasing the tension from the existing springs, followed by the disassembly of the system's components.
  • Assemble the New System: Utilizing a garage door conversion kit, our technician methodically assembled the new system, including torsion springs, drums, cables, end bearings, and a center bracket.

This meticulous process ensured a seamless transition to a system that promises ease of maintenance and greater durability.

Beyond the Conversion: Enhancing Your Garage

Elevating Your Garage with a Door Lift

At Unity Garage Door, our expertise extends beyond converting garage door springs in Coral Springs.
We specialize in the garage door lift, a transformative service designed to replace and elevate the door mechanism, thus maximizing ceiling space within your garage.
This innovative solution is perfect for homeowners looking to enhance their garage's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Unity Garage Door?

The Unity Advantage

Selecting Unity Garage Door for your garage door repair in Coral Springs or conversion project means opting for unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence.
We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle complex challenges, providing our clients with solutions that not only meet their immediate needs but also offer long-term benefits.

Ready for a Conversion or Need Garage Door Repair?

If you're dealing with a specialized or outdated garage door system, consider the benefits of upgrading to a standard torsion spring system.
Unity Garage Door is here to guide you through the conversion process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Free Garage Door Analysis

To further assist our community, Unity Garage Door is proud to offer a FREE garage door analysis & easy online booking to residents of Coral Springs and the surrounding areas, including Coconut Creek, Parkland, Sunrise, Boca Raton, Lauderhill, and Tamarac. 

This complimentary service is designed to help you understand the current state of your garage door system and recommend the best solutions to enhance its performance and safety.

Contact us today to explore our services and discover how we can enhance the functionality and safety of your garage door system. Let Unity Garage Door be your trusted partner in all things garage doors.