Unity Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are instances when you have a plain, easy question and don’t want to discuss it with someone on the phone. Because of this, we have created a thorough FAQ page. 

There is no single best choice when it comes to garage doors. The demands, preferences, location, and energy efficiency of the homeowner all play a significant role in determining the finest garage door. A homeowner can select a steel, wood, or aluminum garage door and select a design and color that best matches his or her home based on these considerations.

There are several benefits to having an insulated garage door, but the most obvious one is that it prevents heat from escaping in the winter and from entering in the summer. This lowers your utility bill costs. Additionally, an insulated garage door strengthens your door and reduces outside noise.

A lock is no longer necessary if your door already has an electronic garage door opener placed on it. The greatest solution today is a door opener because it can make lifting your door from the outside very impossible. Before you can install a door opener, there are a number of details you must know (such as size, the type of material the garage is constructed of, whether it is insulated, etc.). The protection of your garage, however, can be greatly enhanced by a door opener.

Door springs must always be replaced together! Even though the purpose might not be immediately clear to a novice, it is nevertheless reasonable. Given how springs deteriorate with constant usage, it is likely that once one is damaged, the other won’t be far behind. Your door’s functionality will probably become unbalanced if a new spring is used in conjunction with an older one. It is strongly advised to replace the springs on each door if their springs are roughly the same age if you have two distinct garage doors and only one of them has broken. Depending on where your door is located, a broken spring can seriously hurt someone and harm your opener.

Typically, a remote will feature a set of 1–10 switches that you may move about. Your garage door opener has a second set of switches that may be discovered toward the back; simply match the switch locations between the opener and the remote to activate it.

By pressing the opener’s learn code button once, then the remote’s button twice, you can easily program your remote control.

Calling a nearby, expertly qualified garage door dealer is the best approach to decide whether to repair or replace a garage door. A garage door may only require maintenance (similar to an oil change for your automobile), a few new parts, a new section, or a door replacement depending on the issue. Frequently, the garage door opener needs to be replaced or serviced rather than the garage door itself.

Garage door springs are not easily broken. They are strong enough to lift heavy doors, but Unity Garage Door recommends that they be lubricated regularly and that they be replaced before their useful life span is up according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A visual check may not be able to tell you if the springs have worn. Our experts recommend you pay attention to the sound that springs make when you open and close the garage door. If they begin to make loud creaking or clicking sounds, they may need replacement.

Adjusting garage door tracks may look simple but it is not. Unity Garage Door states that the most difficult part of the adjustment is that they must be in the correct position before they can be tightened. If they aren’t, the door may fall or bind

This could be caused either by a safety sensor issue or the Garage door being blocked, faulty hinges or rolling, bad springs, or the motor itself.

It depends on which type of garage door you have, but it takes us about 3-4 hours to finish the whole process and get your new garage door back in service.

It is possible to replace a single or several sections of the door.


It is possible to install an insulation kit on your garage door if it is not insulated. Vinyl stripping or rubber seals can be used to protect garage doors from weather damage. Unity Garage Door Services can help you find the best solution.

First, make sure your garage door has been lowered. It could cause injury and damage if it is open. Once it is safe to move, pull the emergency release cable, which will separate the garage door trolley and carriage. If the door is still open, you should be able to close it manually. But, excessive weight can cause the spring to break. You can also pull the release cord towards the door. This will compress the lever and allow the parts to reattach.

Use mild liquid soap suitable for car washing or dishwashing with water. Do not use harsh soaps or detergents, as these can cause damage to your door and paint. To clean both sides of your door, use a sponge.


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