In Coral Springs, Unity Garage Door is recognized as the best local Coral Springs garage door installers, especially known for our adept garage door and installation services. This project, completed in a single-family home, showcases our role as one of the top garage door installation companies in the area.
We successfully installed a 9X7 single car garage door, swiftly and proficiently, to enhance the hurricane resistance of a homeowner's property.
By installing mitigation features, you may be eligible to receive a reduction in your windstorm premium.

Swift Action for Crucial Needs: Quality and Speed in Harmony

Our client, needing to upgrade her Coral Spring single-family home for better hurricane resistance to benefit from lower insurance premiums, chose Unity Garage Door for its renowned garage door sales and installation services in Coral Springs. We promptly scheduled the installation within two days after professional measurements, demonstrating our commitment to urgent client needs.

Choosing Amarr: Reliability and Low Maintenance

The client selected a garage door from Amarr, a brand we trust for its reliability and comprehensive quality. Amarr doors are known for their sturdiness, capable of withstanding up to 200 MPH winds pro in line with Dade County standards, and come complete with all necessary components, greatly reducing the likelihood of future callbacks. The chosen Heritage dark brown finish added a stylish aesthetic to the home's exterior.

Installation Day: Efficiency Despite Challenges

Our garage door supply and install team in Coral Springs, adhering to our reputation as a premier garage installation company, encountered a cluttered garage on the installation day. With professionalism and efficiency, they cleared the area, ensuring a safe and streamlined installation process.

The Importance of Clear Space

A clear workspace is essential for any garage door installation in Coral Springs, ensuring safety and facilitating a quicker installation process, a standard practice for any experienced garage installation company.

Completing the Installation: Standards and Satisfaction

The installation, despite the initial hurdle, was completed in 3.5 hours. The project's success was marked by the addition of a manufacturer's sticker, certifying the garage door's hurricane-proof features, crucial for insurance validation.

Conclusion: Unity Garage Door – Your Trusted Garage Door Partner in Coral Springs

This project illustrates why Unity Garage Door is among the best garage door installers for single-family homes in Coral Springs. Our unwavering dedication to providing reliable garage door and installation services is evident. For homeowners in Coral Springs looking for dependable garage door installation companies, Unity Garage Door is the answer. We assure you of top-notch garage door sales and installation services, emphasizing customer satisfaction and efficient, high-quality work.

Contact Unity Garage Door in Coral Springs for your garage door supply and install needs, and experience the expertise of a leading garage installation company.