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Common Causes Of Garage Door Damage

Are you having problems with your garage door? You're not alone - many homeowners experience issues with their doors from time to time. In most cases, these malfunctions are related to a handful of easily identifiable causes: technical faults, obstructions in the way, wear and tear due to age or incorrect installation. The following list includes some of the common reasons for broken garage doors:

  • Broken spring: Avoiding a broken spring is impossible; it's only natural that they will eventually break down due to frequent usage. In addition, older springs are more fragile than fresh ones and will typically be the first to go. To ensure your garage door works efficiently for longer periods of time, regularly replace worn-out springs with new ones as needed.
  • Broken Cable: Wire rope, otherwise known as the garage door's lifting cables, are labeled "aircraft quality." Even so, they can become fragile as time passes and begin to unravel. If not addressed quickly enough after this occurs, these ropes may snap – a consequence that is both dangerous and expensive.
  • The photo eye: At the base of both sides of your garage door, you'll discover a small yet essential sensor. This device projects an unseen beam that works to prevent your garage door from crushing any people or objects in its path. The photo eye is one of the key safety elements for all garages, however it can become misaligned if an object bumps into it or if there's a disruption in light beams. Unfavorable weather conditions and water damage may also cause issues with this circuit.
  • Electrical issues: Your garage door's functionality depends on the electricity it receives. Unfortunately, some of the more common issues that arise from this are blown fuses and frayed wires. Moreover, if your home has experienced flooding or water damage, then additional electrical dangers may be present; for this reason, an expert in electric components should do any necessary repairs to ensure a safe environment going forward.
  • Wear and tear: Your garage door will inevitably experience wear and tear over time, most often in the form of damaged rollers. To ensure your door continues to operate seamlessly, invest in better-quality rollers that are long-lasting and durable. Doing this will save you money and stress on costly repairs down the road.
  • Obstacles: If you often use your garage to store furniture, tools or gardening items and these pieces are permitted to become unorganized, they can potentially block the photo eye sensors of a door, leading to it not opening or closing properly. In addition, even an excess amount of dust could be the source of this dilemma.
  •  Getting off track: If you're encountering difficulty with your garage door, it may be caused by a misaligned metal track. This track is responsible for allowing the door to open and close effortlessly and noiselessly. By rectifying the alignment problem, your garage door should operate without any further issues.

Only a few causes of garage door damage can harm your home, but inspecting the door immediately upon noticing something awry is key to maintaining its material and functionality for years. A professional inspection guarantees that it remains in top condition, saving you energy costs down the road.

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Common causes of garage door damage, such as a broken spring, cable, or even the photo eye, can result in costly repairs and unsafe conditions. To avoid these issues and ensure your garage door works efficiently for longer periods of time, it is important to get regular garage door service and installation from a reputable technician. 

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