Unity Garage Door is excited to share their recent success in repairing a garage door opener for a Coral Springs, FL homeowner. With 5 plus years of experience under our belt, we proudly provide expert and cost-efficient services that give comprehensive solutions to any residential garage needs!

A garage door opener is a part of your garage door system. Lasting around an average of 10-15 years, this mechanism is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance and repairs. And when it does fail, inconvenience and headaches usually follow it. Our recent client experienced this situation, wherein he opted to not call for a professional to check his broken garage door opener since it still works by lifting the garage door manually to open and close. Fortunately, he came to his senses when there were recent break-ins in his area and called upon a professional to fix the problem.


Unity Garage Door arrived within half an hour at his location to inspect the problem. We cautioned our client that manually lifting the heavy garage door could easily lead to accidental, and potentially serious injury. After finishing the work, we had to make sure that everything was good and safe before leaving. It was a good thing that he called for our services since a broken garage door will no longer have the power to firmly lock the garage and prevent any intruders from your home.

The Common Garage Door Opener Problems

It's not something most of us think about often, but garage doors are actually quite complex mechanisms. The average garage door opener lasts around 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced, and during that time it's bound to have a few problems. However, most of these problems are easy to fix when you know what the issue is. Here are some of the most common problems you can expect and how to fix them!

Remote Control/Wall Switch

Whether it's the remotes, the wall switches, or the buttons on top of the motor unit itself, there are plenty of ways to open a garage door. But what happens when you try and press the button but nothing happens? The most common cause of this is that the unit has been unplugged. Make sure to check that the power cord is plugged in all the way.

Another possible reason for a non-working opener is tripped breakers. Even with circuit breakers, a surge of electricity can cause a circuit to trip out. You may need to reset the circuit breaker but if not, call an electrician to fix the problem. If your garage door opener has been burning out frequently and needs frequent replacement, then you may need a new opener motor installed by a professional technician.

Fails to Close Completely

Is your garage door refusing to shut? Worry not, you're in good company! This article takes a look at some potential root causes and remedies so that you can get your garage closing properly once again.

First, try adjusting the close-limit switch of your opener so it does not let the door reverse or pull back up. The close-limit switch is what tells the opener to stop when a certain point is reached. However, the door may not reach that point due to a misalignment in the tracks or springs, which can be corrected by leveling and aligning them according to their specifications.

Second, check if the safety sensors need realigning or adjustment. Safety sensors can be located at the bottom of the door track on both sides, and they are like electronic eyes. If they are blocked by dirt, dust, grime, or anything else that could obstruct their view, they could send confusing signals to the opener that prevents it from closing completely. Also, check if any brackets holding them are out of alignment and adjust accordingly.

Won’t Open During Winter

It is that time of the year when the temperatures start dropping and the snow starts falling. The chillier weather makes it harder to transport things in and out of the house, especially if you are not using a garage door opener. If your garage door won't open during winter, don't panic! There are quite a few reasons why your motor unit may be malfunctioning and we have a few tips that can help you out.

First and foremost, check that your screw has been tightened on the motor unit. If it is loose, you might want to tighten it up. This will adjust the sensitivity so that the opener will work better in harsher weather. Second, as winter approaches, cold weather comes with it and your rollers can get stiff, resulting in an opener that won't open. Lubricating your rollers with WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube is the best way to keep them in perfect condition even in the harshest, cold weather.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener? 

We all might have the same dream of having an opener that works perfectly until the day we die. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different: just like any other home appliance, an opener has a lifespan. With proper maintenance and care, you can extend its lifespan beyond its expected expiration date. However, if your opener still produces more problems than benefits, such as a garage door opener won't open or a garage door opener won't close, then you may need a new model that is safer, more convenient, and provides more advantages than your previous one.

Benefits of a New Garage Door Opener

You're probably familiar with the benefits of a new car: a better ride, better gas mileage, and improved safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, or stability control. But what about your garage door opener? You might not think of it this way, but it's basically the engine to your garage door. And if the engine is constantly in need of repairs and maintenance, it might be time to replace it with a newer model.

A garage door opener is one of those pieces of technology that has dramatically changed over time. New models are more efficient than ever before and have safety features that just weren't available a decade ago. If you're considering updating your opener to something new, check out these benefits you'll get from a new model. 


New openers have an Automatic Reversal feature, wherein a sensor will tell the garage door when opening to reverse immediately when something or someone passes the sensor. A new opener will always be quieter when opening. Newer models will have a rolling code that changes every time you use the remote control, preventing thieves to find the code of your garage door. Keypads that either require a code or fingerprint for better security. A new model will also have a battery backup systems that lets you operate the door whenever a power outage occurs. And lastly, newer opener models will have wifi and phone connectivity, allowing you to lock, unlock, and alert on your phone.

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At Unity Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality garage door services to our valued customers. We offer a wide range of services, including opener installation, repair, and replacement. Our trained technicians are dedicated to providing personalized service and care, taking the time to understand your specific needs before recommending the best course of action. If you're experiencing problems with your opener, such as a garage door that won't open or close properly, then it may be time for an upgrade. 

Our team can help you select a new model that is safer and more convenient, providing all the benefits you need without any of the hassles. Unity Garage Door is a family-owned and operated business based out of South Florida with 5 years of experience in this business. Call us today for all your garage door needs!