Unity Garage Door in Fort Lauderdale is committed to providing outstanding service and products when it comes to garage door replacement. We understand that replacing a garage door can be stressful - it's an important investment, and you want to make sure that you're getting quality products and services. When you choose Unity Garage Door for your garage door replacement, you'll benefit from our commitment to providing excellent customer service with high-quality craftsmanship.

Our team of expert technicians has decades of experience with garage door repair and installation. We start by offering a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your current system, so we can identify any potential issues or areas that need extra attention during the replacement process. We also take into consideration your budget and personal preferences when selecting materials for the new door. This ensures that you get the best combination of affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal for your particular situation.

Homeowner in Dania Beach, FL Delighted with Recent Complete Project by Experienced Contractor

Unity Garage Door recently completed a project in Dania Beach, FL for a homeowner who was looking to replace their existing garage door. The homeowner had an old and outdated model, so the team at Unity Garage Door worked with the customer to find a replacement that would be both attractive and functional. 

The first step was for the team to survey the area and look into different models of doors that could fit the home. They took measurements of the opening as well as considered which style and color would best suit the exterior of the house. After consulting with multiple vendors, they ultimately decided on a classic white aluminum frame. This particular model was selected because it offered superior durability while also being quite aesthetically pleasing. 

Once they had settled on this model, Unity Garage Door began working on installing the new door. Our experienced technicians removed all parts of the existing door before proceeding with measuring and trimming any necessary pieces to make sure it fits properly. Once everything was in place, we installed weatherproofing material around all sides of the frame to keep moisture outside and further enhance its longevity. 

The installation process itself took only two days, but in that short time frame, Unity Garage Door managed to not only replace but also upgrade their client’s garage door system completely. The customer was pleased with how quickly and seamlessly it went, appreciative of how cleanly each step was performed by Unity Garage Door’s skilled technicians. 

The job concluded with a few finishing touches and creating a timeless look that fits perfectly with other elements around the house exterior. Finally, they tested out every moving part within the system one last time before handing over control to our satisfied customer – demonstrating once again why clients have been trusting Unity Garage Door as their go-to experts for all kinds of garage door replacements or repairs!

Unity Garage Door for Professional & Reliable Garage Door Services & Repairs

At Unity Garage Door, we offer the widest selection of styles available in South Florida. From traditional steel and aluminum doors to insulated composite doors, our inventory includes dozens of style options and colors from top manufacturers. Whether you're seeking an upgrade or just want something different than what's currently on your home or business property, we have something that will fit nicely within your budget.

We also provide custom solutions if necessary; this allows us to design a unique garage door according to precise standards in order to match existing architecture or some other requested specifications. And because safety is always our priority at Unity Garage Door, all replacement services come with warranties for both parts and labor – so no matter what kind of system you choose for your property in Fort Lauderdale, we'll make sure it’s installed properly and operates safely after installation is complete. Please call us for a free estimate.