We recently completed a garage door spring replacement project on a home in Fort Lauderdale. The customer had noticed their garage door was not closing properly and wanted to replace the springs. The customer called Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation because they knew we were the experts in this field and had been doing it for years.

They were looking for a company that could provide them with a quality product at an affordable price. We were able to provide that for them! Our technicians replaced the springs with a high-quality unit. These springs will last much longer than others, so they can rest easy knowing that their garage door will be safe and secure for years to come!

Two Main Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the most important part of a garage door. They are the largest and strongest part of the system, and they provide all of the power necessary to move your door up or down. They're also very simple in design. Now let's talk about the two main types of garage door springs.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are the most common type of garage door spring. They're called "torsion" springs because they twist. Torsion springs are made of steel and can be found on garage doors that weigh less than 300 pounds.

Torsion springs work like rubber bands: when you pull on one end, it twists around until it reaches its maximum length; then, when you let go, the spring returns to its original form. The amount of force needed to get the spring to twist depends on how tightly wound it is in a given moment, a tighter twist requires more force than a looser one does.

Extension springs

Extension springs are the most common type of spring used in garage doors. They use a steel or alloy wire wound around an outer casing and attached at each end to an anchor point on either side of the door. When you pull down on the door, the tension from these springs causes them to contract and lift it.

When extension spring-driven garage doors are activated, they can be noisy and difficult to work with. On average, they’re also less energy efficient than torsion springs because more force must be exerted by hand rather than by winding up a large piece of metal instead of rotating it around its axis.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Benefits

Spring replacement is one of the best ways to prevent your garage door from breaking down. Spring replacement is also a great way to improve the functionality of your entries. In this article, we will discuss why it's important to replace broken springs right away.

Saves you money

Saving money is always a good thing. If you're in the market for a new garage door spring, it's important to remember that replacing springs will save you money, not just on the original cost of installation, but also on energy costs and repair costs down the line.

Increase home value

By improving the garage door springs in your home, you'll not only be able to protect your family and belongings, but also increase the value of your home. The spring system on a garage door plays an important part in how it looks and functions. If they're weak or damaged, it could affect the aesthetics of someone driving by as well as their impression of the house itself.

Maintain home security

Broken springs can't close your garage door, and if you leave your garage door open, it's an open invitation for thieves. In fact, a broken spring can be dangerous because it could allow someone to get trapped inside with no way out. If the springs are broken, it's important to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Brings peace of mind

One of the greatest benefits of spring replacement is peace of mind. Your garage door should be a source of security, do not worry. When you have an old, worn-out spring, it could break at any time, leaving your door unable to close properly or stay up on its own.

This will make your home less secure and also cause damage to the door which can affect its value as well as cost you money in repairs down the road. With new springs installed by an expert technician, this won't be an issue anymore!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door springs, but the most important one is to keep your home safe and secure. The cost of a new spring is minimal compared to the cost of losing everything due to a broken spring or having it fail while driving through your garage. We hope that we were able to provide you with some details about the importance of your garage door springs.

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