Public High Schools in Coral Springs, FL

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If you’re looking for the best high schools in Coral Springs, Florida, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list includes some of the top public schools in the area. You can be assured that your child will get a great education. Whether you’re a local family moving to the area or just visiting for a while, be sure to check out our list!

Top 4 public high schools in Coral Springs to go to!

City of Coral Springs Charter School

Public charter school

(954) 340-4100

3205 N University Dr Coral Springs, Fl 33065

The high school ranks 8th out of 340 charter middle schools in Florida. 18th out of 148 of Florida’s Best Charter High Schools. 27th out of the 1,102 top public middle schools in the state of Florida.

According to GreatSchools, the City of Coral Springs Charter School has an above-average Summary Rating of 8/10 in Test Scores, which indicates that the school does better than most others. 7 out of 10, which is considered to be above average. 8 out of 10, which places them in the above-average range for college readiness. Equity scored an 8/10, which is considered to be above average.

There are 45% of kids who are white at this school, 31% students who are Hispanic, 14% students who are black; and 4% students who are of two or more races.

City of Coral Springs Charter School AICE Students
Credit <a href=httpsmfacebookcomcscpanthersphotospb100063830911623 22075200004154825711233707type=3av=100075056426761eav=AfYvO5gAV1Vh onb8bU06P4vdGfcV9YMhzGZ oJLAepOhPPIB1uHCVkWkY0AfzskSZgsource=42paipv=0>httpsmfacebookcom<a>

Coral Springs High School

Public school

(754) 322-0500

7201 W Sample Rd Coral Springs, Fl 33065

The Rankings of the Coral Springs High Schools are 79th out of the top 200 outstanding niche high schools in the state of Florida. 81st of 985 Florida public high schools are diverse. 167th out of a total of 1,198 Best High Schools in Florida for Athletes.

The demographics of the student body at the high school are as follows: 43% Black, 30% Hispanic, 19% White, 5% Asian or Pacific Islander, and 3% Two or more races. Females make up 49% of the student body at the High School, while males make up 51%.

Coral Springs High School Baby Colt Night
Credit <a href=httpsmfacebookcomcshsbandssphotosa715241838564795715242098564769type=3source=44paipv=0eav=AfbDsf zQcdQZOTclk6sLsCIhXTxYu9BBdagLqVmsNlRyGvXHKnGvgpYXJGNaX AsAM>httpsmfacebookcom<a>

J. P. Taravella High School

Public school

(754) 322-2300

10600 Riverside Dr Coral Springs, Fl 33071

The rankings for J.P. Taravella High School place it at number 75th out of 985 for the most diverse public high schools in the state of Florida. 86th of Florida’s Top 200 high schools are recognized as outstanding in their field. 240th out of 596 of Florida’s Best College-Preparatory Public High Schools

Black students make up 37% of the student body at the high school, while Hispanic students make up 32%, white students make up 23%, students of two or more races make up 4%, students of Asian or Pacific Islander descent make up 4%, and Native American students make up less than 1% of the student body. Gender is Female 49% and Males are 51%.

J.P. Taravella High School Girls Lacrosse Win
Credit <a href=httpstamaractalkcomj p taravella lacrosse win senior night 24787>httpstamaractalkcom<a>

Coral Glades High School

Public school

(754) 322-1250

2700 Sportsplex Dr Coral Springs, Fl 33065

Coral Springs, Florida is home to an excellent public high school that has the name Coral Glades High School. It has a student-teacher ratio of 29 to 1, with 2,684 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. According to the results of statewide assessments, 47 percent of pupils have attained at least a proficient level in mathematics, while 55 percent have accomplished the same level in reading.

Hispanic students make up 35% of the student body, black students 32%, white students 27%, students of two or more races 4%, Asian or Pacific Islander students 3%, native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander students 1%, and native American students less than 1%.

The rankings for the most diverse public high schools in Florida put Coral Glades High School at number 18th out of 985 total schools. 69th out of Florida’s Top 200 High Schools Considered to Be Outstanding in their field. 162nd out of 596 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Florida.

Coral Glades High School Soccer Team
Credit <a href=httpswwwfacebookcomCoralGladesHighSchoolphotos2507400076143029>httpswwwfacebookcom<a>

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