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There are many reasons why people love Fort Lauderdale, FL. Some of the reasons include its beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, and great attractions. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale is a very family-friendly city with plenty of things to do for people of all ages. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, making it a great place to visit for a weekend getaway. Finally, the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is relatively low compared to other cities on the East Coast. All of these factors combined make it no surprise that Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular destinations in Florida.


8 Reasons Why People Love Living and Visiting Fort Lauderdale

Some of the best beaches in the world

This could easily be No. 1. But it’s worth noting that, in addition to everything else on this list, Fort Lauderdale features world-class beaches with crystal clear water. Some of the most stunning beaches in southeastern Florida stretch for 23 kilometers just outside of town. The area’s fine white sand and magnificent blue water attract both inhabitants and tourists. The beaches in Fort Lauderdale are worth a visit, whether you want to swim, snorkel, seek shells, jet ski, or simply relax in the sun. You’ll definitely love Fort Lauderdale upon one visit!

The city’s largest beach, Blue Wave at Fort Lauderdale Beach, spans for up to four kilometers along the coastline. Blue Wave Beach is the safest and most kid-friendly beach in town, thanks to its shallow and quiet waters. Expect to see dolphins and stay for the stunning sunset views. If you want to get up close and personal with a shark, learn how to deep dive with SeaExperience!

Fort Lauderdale FL Beaches


Plenty of Restaurants

Another reason why people love Fort Lauderdale is that there will be plenty of locations to pick from, whether you’re ready for a fun night out or an outstanding meal (or brunch) with pals. In the Fort Lauderdale area, there are nearly 4,000 restaurants and 100 nightclubs. Fort Lauderdale, as part of ethnically diverse South Florida, attracts cooks from all over the world. Residents have numerous dining alternatives, ranging from gourmet restaurants to gastropubs to tapas bars. 

In terms of cuisine, Fort Lauderdale has good alternatives for Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Cuban, Mexican, and American cuisine, as well as many vegan and vegetarian options. The city also has a thriving craft beer industry, with establishments such as Fat Tap Beer Bar & Eatery, Craft Beer Cellar, Tap 42, and Funky Buddha Brewery.

Fort Lauderdale - Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar


No State Income Tax

There is no state income tax, so you have more money in your pocket. It’s as simple as that. You may now have a better understanding of all the stories about individuals departing New York and other high-tax cities for the warm climes of Florida.

On the other hand, because Florida has no state income tax, living here is not too expensive overall, considering how wonderful the location is. For example, if your annual income is $80,000, you can expect to live pretty comfortably. With outstanding healthcare systems that cost around 2% less than other towns in South Florida and food costs averaging around $39 per day per person, living in Fort Lauderdale may be reasonable if you track your spending and budget your money.

Nightlife in Fort Lauderdale

Miami is famous for its nightlife, but Fort Lauderdale has lots to offer as well. The majority of it is located on and around Las Olas Boulevard. This area, which was formerly a hotspot for spring breakers looking for cheap drinks, is evolving into a more sophisticated ambiance. While Fort Lauderdale certainly offers lots of excitement, city residents and leaders long ago stopped it from being the “crazy” spring break destination many made it, though plenty of spring breakers still visit.

Sparrow Fort Lauderdale FL


Accessible Location

Fort Lauderdale is the major city in Broward County in southern Florida, located roughly 25 miles north of Miami. Fort Lauderdale, located right on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore, is home to Port Everglades, a significant seaport from which many cruise lines leave. Many cruise lines depart from Fort Lauderdale, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, Holland America, and Princess Cruise Lines. The city boasts about 500 miles of waterways that can be traveled by boat and is also a part of the Intracoastal Waterway. Take the Intracoastal Waterway to Texas or Massachusetts.

Living in Fort Lauderdale means that it is easy to travel to and from nearby cities. It is just around a one-hour drive to Palm Beach, a two-hour trip to Naples, a three-hour drive to Orlando, and a four-hour journey to Key West. Visit Disney World or Universal Orlando for the day. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is one of three airports serving the Miami metropolitan area. This airport is a significant benefit for its inhabitants because it offers more domestic flights and lower-cost airlines.

FDOT Southeast Florida


The Venice of North America

When it comes to canals and waterways, Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America for good reason. The city is crisscrossed by canals, bodies of water, and waterways, the majority of which link to the Intracoastal, which connects to the ocean. Living on canal-front property usually implies that you can walk from your house to the ocean and back because they are all connected.

With the city’s many canals, you may take a gondola ride and do some sightseeing! Las Olas Gondola Rides, one of the most well-known, offers city tours with expert gondoliers seven days a week. Many people outside of the area are unaware of this component of Fort Lauderdale, although it is a part of the city’s fabric.

Casa Sensei Fort Lauderdale FL


Strong Jobs Market

Are you relocating and actively looking for work? With an increase in job options in Fort Lauderdale, you won’t be seeking for long. In reality, the job market in the area has grown by 1.9% in the last year. Experts estimate a 37.9% increase in job growth over the next ten years, which is 4.4% higher than the US average.

With a low unemployment rate, finding work is simple and will help to offset any additional living expenses. With tourism driving the local economy, look for a career that matches your interests and qualifications. Companies with headquarters in the area include AutoNation, Citrix Systems, SmartWater CSI, SFN Group, and Broward County Public Schools.

Cost of Living

While the city’s cost of living is 16% more than the national average and it is ranked as the seventh most expensive city in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is no more expensive than other south Florida communities. 

While the cost of living can be high in some regions, Fort Lauderdale is actually 4.2% less costly than Miami. Not to mention that housing expenses are 4.8% lower than in Miami. Although housing expenses are on the high side, it is still feasible to find communities and properties that are within your budget. Before you buy a house, you should think about how much money you have to spend.

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