In Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation cities in Florida, where hurricanes pose a constant threat, homeowners must prioritize the security and durability of their garage doors. 

At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we recently completed an exciting project: installing a 16ft on 7ft hurricane rated garage door for a customer in Davie. 

Let’s get to the details of the process and benefits of this specific garage door installation, shedding light on the integral part it plays in safeguarding homes against extreme weather conditions.


When our customer, George, contacted us for a service call, it was because his garage door had gone off track.
As the assigned technician, I promptly arrived at his location to assess the situation.
What I saw was an old door, approximately 15 years in age, with hinges misplaced and rollers sourced from different companies. Additionally, there were two different sizes of springs installed—a combination that is often referred to as a “Frankenstein door” within the industry.

Furthermore, upon closer inspection, I noticed that George’s garage door was severely rusted, which added to its compromised functionality. A few panels had a visible gap allowing outside rain and bugs to infiltrate the garage. During heavy rainstorms, water managed to seep inside, causing a slight damage to the stuff stored within. It was evident that George’s garage door was in dire need of immediate attention and a simple garage door repair wasn’t enough.


When it comes to residential garage doors, homeowners have various size options available to meet their specific opening. While we recently completed a project installing a 16ft on 7ft hurricane rated garage door installation in Davie, Florida, it’s essential to understand the common sizes of residential garage doors. The garage can easily be measured by garage door company. Here are some standard sizes you might encounter:


Single Garage Doors: Most common garage door for Townhomes or older structure homes. 


8ft x 7ft: This is one of the most common single garage door sizes, suitable for one vehicle.

9ft x 7ft: Slightly larger than the 8ft x 7ft size, this option provides extra space for larger vehicles or additional storage.


Double Garage Doors:Common in newer construction and larger homes in Fort Lauderdale or Davie.


16ft x 7ft: As in our recent Garage door installation project, this size accommodates two vehicles garage side by side and provides ample space for entry and exit.

18ft x 7ft: A wider option, ideal for homeowners with larger vehicles or those who require additional space for maneuvering.


Understanding the Importance of Hurricane Rated Garage Doors:

Living in a hurricane-prone area demands the installation of hurricane rated garage doors. Traditional doors or wood doors are no match for the powerful forces during hurricanes, making hurricane rated garage doors a must. Our team recognized this need and embarked on every new garage door installation project with a commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of our customers’ homes.


Optimal Size and Configuration:

The 16ft on 7ft dimensions were carefully chosen to accommodate our client’s specific garage space requirements. This customization ensured a perfect fit and seamless integration with the existing structure and opening of the existing old garage. By selecting the appropriate size and configuration, we guarantee functionality, no adjustment for structure and lets it look better. 


Superior Materials for Unmatched Durability:

For this project, we utilized high-quality materials renowned for their strength and durability. The new garage door panels and horizontal strut were made of steel, providing exceptional resistance against hurricane-force winds. These door undergo rigorous testing with Broward and Dade to meet the stringent hurricane rating standards, ensuring the door’s ability to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Those testing results and more info appear on the NOA or Product approval. George specific door NOA number is 22-0414.07 with the following specification:
Impact Rate: Large and Small Missile Impact

Maximum Design Pressure Positive 47.5

Maximum Design Pressure Negative 52


Compliance with Local Building Codes:

In Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation or other cities within Broward local wind load pressure codes is crucial. Our experienced team is well-versed in the specific requirements of the region and ensured that the installation complied with all relevant regulations. By adhering to these codes, we provided our client with peace of mind, knowing that their new garage door met or exceeded the necessary safety standards.
With George’s door since it’s located in Davie, a Maximum Design Pressure Positive +37, Maximum Design Pressure Negative -45 is needed. The garage door wind load exceed that.
To search other garage door sizes minimum standard see Broward County Fenestration Voluntary Wind Load Chart.


Impact Resistance for Enhanced Security:

In addition to withstanding hurricanes, our hurricane-rated garage doors offer enhanced safety features. The reinforced steel panels and locking mechanisms create a formidable barrier against any intruders. A thief or burglar will have an easier time getting into a house from the door or window then from the garage door. With this installation, our customers experienced the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is well-protected.


Energy Efficiency garage door for Cost Savings:

The new garage door also contributed to increased energy efficiency. Although most garage doors are 1 layer steel, Some of our hurricane-rated doors are designed with insulation features that minimize heat transfer and air leakage, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Customers can choose between 1 layer, 2 layer insulated and 3 layer insulated garage door. The more layers the garage door has, the more energy efficient. By maintaining a consistent temperature inside the garage, our client enjoyed enhanced comfort and cost savings throughout the year.
Given that George did not have an air conditioning system installed inside his garage, the need for an insulated garage door was not a priority for him. He chose a 1 layer non-insulated garage door. 


Noise Reduction for a Quieter Home:

Living in a bustling area can lead to unwanted noise pollution. With the installation of our hurricane garage door, our client experienced a significant reduction in noise transmission. The superior insulation properties of the door minimized external noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment.
At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation a Quiet Door Kit is mandatory with every garage door installation.We actually can come out just to make the garage door more quiet. We suggested replacing the metal rollers with silicon rollers and installing a quiet door kit that was specifically designed to dampen vibrations and minimize noise generated by the rollers. By implementing these modifications, we aimed to provide George with a more peaceful and enjoyable garage door operation while addressing his specific needs.





Installing a 16ft on 7ft hurricane-rated garage door in Davie, Florida is a vital step towards ensuring the safety and protection of your home. Our recent project exemplifies our commitment to providing top-notch solutions that withstand extreme weather conditions. 

By choosing our professional installation and garage door repair services, homeowners can rest assured that their property is equipped with a durable and secure barrier. 

Contact us today to learn more about our hurricane-rated garage doors and how they can enhance the safety and resilience of your home in Davie, Florida.