As a skilled garage door technician of Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, I recently had the opportunity to perform a Garage Door Installation Fort Lauderdale in the Tarpon River neighborhood.
The homes in Tarpon River, Fort Lauderdale, boast a charming mix of historic architectural styles and modern renovations, offering a picturesque and diverse residential community..

The task involved replacing an old, non-hurricane rated garage door with the Amarr Heritage HR1000, a cutting-edge hurricane-rated garage door. Frankly, In South East Florida, all door we sale and installed MUST be Hurricane rated door.
Each door have an assigned NOA with Product Approval Number.You can search NOA of approved product in Miami Product Control Search.
Join me as I recount my experience and highlight the numerous benefits of this New Garage Door Installation for homeowners located West of US-1 in hurricane-prone regions Fort Lauderdale. This specific area in Fort Lauderdale, as most is within Risk Category IV, meaning within a wind-borne debris region.  184 mph. If you want to check the wind in your area use this tool I’m often show customers interested in new garage door. 

Arriving at the Job Site:

Upon arriving at the Fort Lauderdale Garage Door install site, I was greeted by a friendly homeowner who had recently purchased a lovely property in Tarpon River.
They expressed their concerns about the non-hurricane rated garage door, which resulted in higher insurance premiums due to the increased risk of damage during severe weather events. 

I made sure to explain all the good things about the Amarr HR1000 Hurricane Proof Garage Door to the homeowner. I wanted them to feel confident and comfortable with their decision to upgrade to this new and improved garage door.

Insurance Premium Reduction:

The potential reduction in insurance premiums usually comes with a new Hurricane rated garage door.
Insurance providers often offer lower rates to homeowners with hurricane-rated garage doors. By investing in the Amarr HR1000, the homeowner showcased their commitment to safeguarding their property, which could lead to substantial long-term cost savings.

Inspecting the Existing Garage Door:

Before commencing the Garage Door Installation Fort Lauderdale, I inspected the old existing garage door.
It’s obvious that the garage door lacked the necessary hurricane-proof features and garage door structural horizontal struts to provide any hurricane protection.
Explaining the potential risks associated with a non-hurricane rated door, I emphasized the importance of investing in a more secure and reliable option.

The customer placed a deposit and the office called to schedule an installation date.
Usually We do carry high amount of garage door inventory. Most common sizes such as 16X7, 8X7 or 9X7 are in stock. Install can be schedule within a few days from paying the 50% deposit. 

Introducing the Amarr HR1000 Garage Door:

At the day of the installation, as I unpacked the Amarr HR1000, which I’m highly familiar with, I discovered its exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.
The new garage door is covered in wrapping which protects the door during the traveling in my truck from our facility to the customer site.
Although I installed thousands of Clopay, Raynor, DAB and Amarr doors, as an installer, I prefer Amarr. This hurricane-rated garage door from a reputable Garage Door manufacturer company was specifically engineered to withstand the demanding weather conditions of Fort Lauderdale. I explained about the hurricane struts (hurricane post), hinges, quiet door kit and other structural components to the homeowner and he was delighted to see the sleek and modern design of the Fort Lauderdale new Garage Door, looked really nice and matched the style of their property perfectly.

Installing the Amarr HR1000:

Utilizing my years of experience, me and my helper began the Garage Door Installation Fort Lauderdale process.
The Amarr HR1000's sturdy construction, reinforced tracks, and robust hardware made the installation process seamless and efficient. And beside, we pretty familiar with this popular door. Since I took accurate garage door professional measurements, the precise fit and alignment of the door ensured smooth operation, guaranteeing effortless opening and closing for the homeowner.

Enhanced Safety and Protection:

Once the installation was completed, I took a moment to highlight the benefits of the Amarr HR1000 Hurricane Proof Garage Door.
Besides their strong build, a garage door that is designed to withstand hurricanes also needs to be installed with extra reinforcement.

  • Hurricane posts are set up before a hurricane arrives. These posts add more strength to your garage door.
  • The top of the post is securely attached to the header using strong galvanized hardware.
  • In the middle of the door, straps are used to connect it to the post, preventing it from being pulled out of the opening by strong winds.
  • At the bottom, the post is fastened to the floor with heavy-duty galvanized hardware.

Its hurricane rating provided the homeowner with peace of mind, knowing that their property was now fortified against the forces of nature.
The HR1000 exceeded the necessary wind speed requirements, capable of withstanding up to 214G MPH, making it a top choice for hurricane-rated garage door.

Long-Term Benefits:

Beyond safety and homeowners insurance savings, I discussed the additional advantages of the Amarr HR1000. Its advanced insulation materials contributed to energy efficiency by maintaining stable temperatures inside the garage.
This energy-saving feature had the potential to reduce heating and cooling costs for the homeowner. Additionally, the noise-reducing features of the garage door minimized vibrations and operational sounds, creating a quieter environment for the homeowner and their neighbors.

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As a dedicated garage door technician, the new Garage Door Installation Fort Lauderdale of the Amarr HR1000 Hurricane Proof Garage Door in the Tarpon River neighborhood was an immensely satisfying experience. Witnessing the enhanced safety, potential insurance savings, and overall peace of mind it provided to the homeowner was truly gratifying. I take pride in being able to offer top.