Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation in Fort Lauderdale recently completed a challenging garage door opener installation and repair project. The customer wanted to replace their old and dilapidated garage door opener with a newer, more reliable model. 

The customer had been experiencing several issues with the old garage door opener, including frequent breakdowns, noisy operation, and unreliable sensitivity. They also expressed their desire for a product that provided superior longevity compared to the current unit in place. 

To meet customer expectations, Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation decided to install the fully equipped with Security LiftMaster belt drive opener that comes with MyQ technology allowing them to monitor and control their door from the smartphone or computer from anywhere with internet access. This product offers excellent reliability and performance thanks to its durable steel frame construction and reliable motor that operates quietly yet powerfully. Furthermore, this LiftMaster model is designed with advanced safety features like a motion detector that can detect any people or objects caught in the closing path of the door as well as photoelectric reversing sensors that ensure smooth operation. 

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Garage Door Opener

Manufacturers calculate the life of a garage door motor and other components by cycles, i.e., the number of times it's opened and closed. This implies that if you open or close your garage door often, its operational lifespan will diminish dramatically over time. In recent years, many homeowners have begun using their garages to enter more frequently than ever before - hastening this cycle even further.

Not only is the frequency of use is a factor in how long your opener will last, but also the brand you choose. Some brands stand out above the rest when it comes to durability. LiftMaster openers have an incredible standing for their minimal maintenance and longevity; even with frequent usage, this can equate to up to 10 extra years of service!

Ultimately, the quality of garage door installation is a major factor that affects your garage door opener's life expectancy. Even if you have an excellent motor installed, it will run for fewer years than expected if not correctly set up or when springs are malfunctioning. This is because the springs act as a counterweight to lift and close the heavy garage door while motors merely guide them through their tracks. If the springs are weakened or need to be replaced, they won't have enough strength to bear your garage door's load and will put extra pressure on the opener. This can ultimately reduce your opener's life span by a minimum of five years or more.

The Lifespan of Garage Door Openers

So, here's the thing: What is the life expectancy of a garage door opener? We've noticed that LiftMaster typically lasts 15 to 20 years if taken care of properly. However, in less than ideal conditions, this can be reduced to 8-12 years. In addition to brand name selection, it's also important to consider which type will provide you with the longest lifetime value - and we suggest belt drive openers for an optimal period of up to two decades.

What are the Types of Garage Door Openers?

When selecting a garage door opener, there are five distinct types to choose from: chain drive, belt drive, direct drive, screw drive and side mount. Each variety has its own estimated lifespan; however, belt drives stand out for their impressive durability as they contain fewer moving parts that cause less wear and tear over time. Side mount and direct drive openers have long lifespans, due to their minimal metal components and moving parts. In comparison, chain drive or screw drive openers require more maintenance as they tend to wear out faster. While belt, side-mount, and direct drives may be costlier at the onset; however the lasting reliability pays off in spades in the long run.

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