This weekend, a resident of the Parkland Isles Community, located near Pine Trails Park in Parkland, FL, faced a challenging situation when their garage door refused to open, leaving their car stuck inside. Initially suspecting an issue with the garage door opener, they quickly realized the problem was more severe than anticipated. In this moment of need, Unity Garage Door, a premier garage door company in Parkland, was called upon for their expertise in addressing this urgent garage door spring broken issue.

Unity Garage Door: Prompt and Professional

When the call was made, Unity Garage Door, renowned for their efficient garage repair near me services, responded with remarkable speed. The Coral Springs garage door repair crew, already close by in Heron Bay, arrived at the scene within 20 minutes. This swift action underscores Unity Garage Door's commitment to providing immediate assistance for emergencies related to garage doors springs and garage door opener problems.

Expert Diagnosis and Solution

Upon arrival, the skilled technicians at Unity Garage Door carried out a thorough analysis, revealing that the problem was not with the garage door opener itself but with a broken torsion spring. This diagnosis prevented further damage that could have resulted from incorrectly assuming it was a mere replace garage door opener issue. Their expertise highlighted the importance of professional diagnosis in garage repair near me situations.

Not only did Unity Garage Door replace the broken springs, but they also conducted a complimentary Balance & Lubrication treatment, typically valued at $120. This extra step illustrates Unity Garage Door's commitment to ensuring the garage door system's optimal performance, making them the go-to garage door company in Parkland for comprehensive and value-added services.

Choose Unity Garage Door for Comprehensive Services

Unity Garage Door distinguishes itself in the Parkland area for numerous reasons:

  • Quick Response: Their team's capability to arrive swiftly for springs repair garage Parkland emergencies is unparalleled.
  • Comprehensive Repair: They adeptly handle a range of issues from garage door spring broken to repair motor garage door.
  • Value-Added Services: The free Balance & Lubrication treatment underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Pricing: Unity Garage Door pledges no hidden fees for after-hours or weekend services for Parkland and surrounding areas.
  • Best Pricing in Broward County: Unity Garage Door ensures affordability without sacrificing quality.
  • No Subcontractors: All work is performed by their in-house team to guarantee quality and consistency.

Located for Your Convenience

Unity Garage Door operates out of their office located at 10251 W Sample Rd Suite 6, Coral Springs, FL. This strategic location allows them to serve not only Parkland but also Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Sunrise, Tamarac, Boca Raton, and Deerfield, without charging after-hours or weekend service fees for residents within a 15-mile radius.

A Word of Advice to Parkland Residents

Unity Garage Door advises homeowners against trying to force their garage door opener to work on a door that won't open. This can lead to more significant and costly problems. In case of any issues, it's best to contact professionals like Unity Garage Door for a prompt and correct diagnosis.

Unity Garage Door: Your Trusted Partner in Parkland

Unity Garage Door is recognized as a leading garage door company in Parkland, thanks to their quick response, expert service, and customer-first approach. Whether you need to replace garage door opener, address a garage door spring broken issue, or require any other garage door service, Unity Garage Door is prepared to offer efficient and effective solutions.

Remember, for any garage door concerns in Parkland and the surrounding areas, Unity Garage Door is just a call away. Trust them to handle your needs with the professionalism and urgency you deserve, ensuring your garage door is in the best working condition