Step into the shoes of a professional and friendly technician from Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation as we recount the story of a recent garage door replacement and installation in the lovely Riverland neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale. 

Our mission? To replace and install a brand new Hurricane-Proof Garage Door by Amarr, specifically the most popular design: 1-layer Heritage HR1000 style, Short Panel Design in White finish. The opening measured at the standard size of 16ft X 7ft.

For a 16ft X 7ft opening garage door, as required by the City of Fort Lauderdale and according to Broward County RETROFIT WINDOWS – DOORS – GARAGE DOORS, the garage door windload should be a minimum of +36.8, -41. However, our garage doors exceed those requirements with a PSF (pounds per square foot) rating of +47.5 and -52.0. 

This means that our garage doors provide even greater protection against the strong winds and hurricanes. 

Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation commitment to surpass safety standards ensures that homeowners in Fort Lauderdale can have peace of mind knowing that their garage doors are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Btw, Broward County RETROFIT WINDOWS – DOORS – GARAGE DOORS is a set of guidelines in Broward County, Florida that specifies the standards for retrofitting windows, doors, and garage doors, particularly regarding wind resistance and structural integrity.

The day began with the task of tearing down the old garage door, making way for a newly installed garage door that would not only embrace the home’s aesthetics and curved appeal but also provide the much-needed protection against hurricanes. 

With utmost care and precision, we first released the tension from the springs, ensuring a safe removal process. Starting from the top section, we systematically took down each piece, section by section. Both the vertical and horizontal tracks were then dismantled, followed by the removal of the garage door spring system, including the shaft, drums, and springs.

With the old door gracefully removed, it was time to welcome the new Hurricane Garage Door into the garage. Carefully unloading it onto the sawhorse, we positioned the top section at the bottom of the pile, with the bottom section on top.
This arrangement would facilitate a smooth installation process for the newly replaced garage door. 

Excitement filled the air as we opened the hardware box and meticulously organized its contents on a nearby table.

We swiftly moved on to connect the track brackets to the vertical track, ensuring a secure fit for the Garage Door Installation. At this stage, we installed the track in place using only the two bottom brackets.
Once the vertical track was secure, we proceeded to connect the horizontal track, ensuring it was perfectly aligned with the vertical track. With our expertise, we smoothly put the spring system in its designated place, providing
new springs for your garage door that would contribute to its optimal performance.

Now it was time to assemble the bottom section of the new garage door. Piece by piece, we carefully attached the brackets, hinges, and metal struts, creating a sturdy foundation for the Garage Door Installed. With the bottom section assembled, we positioned it in the Fort Lauderdale garage opening, ensuring a perfect fit between the vertical tracks. The meticulous craftsmanship was evident in every step, guaranteeing a seamless integration with the rest of the door.

The remaining sections awaited their turn to join the Installation Garage Door party. One by one, we assembled and positioned them above the bottom section, forming a visually appealing structure within the Fort Lauderdale garage opening. Each section fell into place effortlessly, reflecting the precision of our work and the expertise in New Construction Garage Door installations. Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation specialize in more fancy, modern design garage door as well to standard design.

The vertical track, a crucial component of the Garage Door Hurricane Rated, was now ready to be connected with the rest of the brackets. We skillfully secured the track to the Fort Lauderdale wood jamb, ensuring stability and durability for years to come. 

Our attention to detail ensured a smooth and reliable operation of the garage door, regardless of the external conditions.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. We connected the cables to the spring system, paying close attention to the tension they required. Adjusting the tension meticulously, we aimed for the perfect balance that would enable the newly installed Fort Lauderdale garage door to operate flawlessly. Our expertise and experience played a significant role in achieving optimal performance and addressing any Noisy Garage Door concerns.

With bated breath, we put the Fort Lauderdale garage door installation to the test. Carefully, we opened and closed it, observing its smooth movements and listening to its satisfying clicks. Our hearts swelled with pride as the door passed the test with flying colors. The homeowners would now enjoy a new garage door in Fort Lauderdale, a stylish and Hurricane-Proof Garage Door that not only provided security but also added a touch of elegance to their home.

As we bid farewell to the Riverland neighborhood, we left behind a satisfied customer and a job well done. The story of our garage door installation adventure would be shared with future clients, serving as a testament to the professionalism and friendly service provided by Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation.