Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, and owners of homes in the state need to be prepared for these natural disasters. One of the most crucial aspects of home protection during a hurricane is the garage door. In this blog post, we will discuss why a hurricane garage door installation service is necessary in Florida and cities located east closer to sea line such as Fort Lauderdale and the benefits of having one, from the perspective of Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, a garage door installer in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Florida’s hurricane-prone areas and specifically Broward county experience a natural disaster every three years, and it has caused over $450 billion of insured property damage since the early 20th century.
This makes it imperative for homeowners to consider the protection of their homes from hurricanes.
A garage door is a crucial features of a home, and when it comes to hurricanes storm, it is no different. A hurricane rated garage door can be your first line of protect against a hurricane because it seals your home from strong winds and rain.


At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we are committed to providing the best and most affordable garage door services to our customers.
Our team of experts has been providing quality garage door installations and repairs in Broward and Palm Beach counties for years. We specialize in installing hurricane-proof garage doors that are strong enough to withstand the most storms and natural disasters.


A main benefits of having a highly rated hurricane-resistant garage door is the reinforced garage doors that come with the installation. There are nine levels of reinforcement for garage doors, rated by W1 through W9, but all of them come with the addition of extra bracing and posts that are not necessary on normal garage doors. This additional material makes them storm-ready, so they can withstand powerful winds.


Another benefit of having a hurricane garage door is that it can prevent from Fort Lauderdale occasional water damage. severe rain and Hurricanes can cause water damage too, and a standard door isn’t sealed tight enough to prevent water from getting into the sides of your garage when floods happen. Water damage costs thousands of dollars even if it’s only an inch deep. However, a hurricane-proof garage door will keep water out and prevent any water damage.


That is why in Florida every garage door must be registered with the state and get an NOA. Notice of approval number.
This notice of approval certification will note the garage door wind load specification.
You can search for Notice of approval in Product Control Search.


At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we understand that maintaining a garage door can be costly. However, a hurricane garage door is a great investment in your home, as it requires little maintenance over time. While there may be some maintenance tasks you will have to do over the years, for the most part, this investment will be low-maintenance. When the next big storm comes along, you can count on your garage door to protect what’s inside.


You may be wondering if a hurricane-proof garage door is expensive. However, these doors are all affordable garage doors, with only a minimal cost difference from a regular garage door. When you opt for a garage door replacement and you live in a hurricane and storm-prone area, think about the benefits of a hurricane garage door in Fort Lauderdale. The wind and flood resistance, reinforced garage doors, and little maintenance over time make it a smart investment in your home’s protection.


In summary, when it comes to protecting your home during a hurricane, a hurricane-rated steel garage door is a smart investment. It offers reliable protection, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency benefits. At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we provide expert installation services for hurricane-rated steel garage doors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure your home is well-protected during the next hurricane season.

In conclusion, Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation is committed to providing high-quality garage door installation services to homeowners in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding areas. We believe that having a hurricane-proof garage door is a smart investment that will protect your home and belongings from the harshest of storms. When it comes to hurricane protection, don’t take any chances. Contact Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation today to schedule a new hurricane garage door installation service.