Fort Lauderdale homeowners with garage door often encounter unexpected garage door broken spring, causing an inconvenience that requires immediate garage door repair..
As a dedicated garage door technician from Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, I am well aware of the importance of replacing not only 1 but both garage door tension springs and the need of disconnecting the garage door shaft during the replacement process.

I will explain these steps and why replacing both garage door springs are crucial. I also shed light on how we are at Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation invests in the best tools and equipment to ensure a seamless, most professional  experience for our local Fort Lauderdale customers.


Why Replace Both Springs?

Last night, one of our Fort Lauderdale residential customers experienced the sudden and spring big bang sound of a garage door spring snapping.

When a garage door spring breaks, it is essential to understand why replacing both springs is super important. I’ll go through the process with garage door torsion springs. For Extension springs read more information. Here’s why:


Balanced Operation:
Garage doors are designed to function with two tension springs, working together in harmony to carry the heavy garage door’s weight. Replacing only the one broken garage spring creates a misbalance, placing excessive strain on the remaining spring and other operational components. By replacing both garage door springs in Fort Lauderdale , we restore the garage door system’s balance and ensure smooth and balanced operation.


Safety First:
Garage doors are heavy (Insulated hurricane rated garage door can exceed 800lb), and tension springs play an important role in counterbalancing their weight, making them easier to open and close.
If only one spring is replaced, the door’s weight will be unevenly distributed, potentially leading to operational issues or even accidents. By replacing both garage door springs, we prioritize your safety and provide peace of mind.
Beside, the old springs can effet the new spring and the newly installed garage door spring will pop.


Enhanced Longevity: 

Replace garage door spring service – Replace them both.
Tension springs have a limited lifespan measured in cycles. All our garage door springs are made in USA and last for about 15 years.
When one spring breaks, it not hard to understand that the other garage door spring has undergone the same wear and tear. Replacing both springs together at the same time not only saves money on labor but ensures that both springs have a similar lifespan. By doing so, we prevent future breakdowns and save you from unnecessary repairs in the near future.


Disconnecting the Garage Door Shaft:

As you can see in the photos, in order to replace the springs the garage door shaft need to be disassemble. 

During the Fort Lauderdale garage door tension spring replacement process, it is crucial to disconnect the garage door shaft. 


Here’s why this step is essential:

Release Tension: The garage door shaft connects the springs to the rest of the door mechanism. Before replacing the springs, we need to relieve the tension stored in them. By disconnecting the shaft, we ensure and control the release of the garage door springs tension, avoiding any unexpected and potentially dangerous spring release movements.


Easy and Efficient Replacement:
Disassembling the garage door shaft grants us easy access to the location of tension springs, making the removal and replacement process quick and efficient. It allows us to utilize professional tools and techniques, ensuring a smooth springs installation service that meets the highest standards.


Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation‘s Commitment to Quality Tools:


At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we invest in the best tools and equipment available in the garage door industry. 

One such tool we use is “The Surewinder“, a professional-grade tool specifically designed for garage door spring replacement. The Surewinder allows us to efficiently wind and unwind springs, saving time and ensuring precise installations.


When faced with a broken garage door spring in Fort Lauderdale, it is crucial to replace both springs to maintain balance, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your garage door system and to prevent garage door failure. Additionally, disconnecting the garage door shaft during the replacement process ensures a controlled release of tension and facilitates a smooth installation. At Unity Garage Door Repair & Installation, we take pride in investing in top-notch tools like the Surewinder to provide you with the best possible garage door service in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding.
Trust our experienced technicians to handle your garage.